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What It Really Takes To Run A Successful Business

Wisdom and Business blog

A business is built via systemisation, automation, great team values, collaboration and commitment to an inspiring vision.

Staying power is what makes the difference…

…and, playing to your strengths. What I mean by this is doing the things you enjoy most and mastering these before starting something new.

You are better off choosing one marketing strategy and tweaking it until it becomes great (and this could take months or even years) than saying, hey it didn’t work out the first time and moving on to something else.

Each strategy is hard to get right and I can guarantee that any ‘expert’ who is great at a particular strategy of any kind has put hundreds of hours into learning by doing.

Your competitors are playing hard in the same space, vying for similar customers. So we suggest that you become excellent at one or two methods and hire other experts to take care of the ones you are not so great at.

Commitment to consistent tweaking, leveling up and improving on one particular strategy is what will get you to your outcome.

This could be webinars, consults, social media, events, one-on-ones, blogging, media exposure etc.

Therefore, give your desired outcomes the time and dedication they deserve.

Having said this, always test and measure to figure out what is working and what is not working and keep improving upon what is working, and preferably drop what is not.

No point in flogging a dead horse. But give the horse enough time and energy to ensure there isn’t a champion in him first. Make sense?

In order to master one marketing strategy to drive business, you really have to enjoy the process and challenge of learning.

Then you have to believe in yourself and your team enough to give them and yourself enough time to get really good at a particular strategy.

At the core of this, is the willingness to believe that you will fail many times before you get it right, and believing that you will eventually figure it out.

So, I can genuinely say that believing in yourself really is the first secret to success.

We would like to hear what marketing strategy has worked best for you and why….and yes, you can go ahead and plug your own business!

We read and appreciate every response.


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