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ROI meaning

What is an ROI?

As a service based business, to ensure you can prove that what you are doing for your Clients or your business or team that you are managing, is actually effective, you need to prove that you are generating some kind of ROI or Return On…


Grow A Business? What Does It Really Take?

Before I even had a website, I started calling up people I wanted to work for and building a relationship with them. Our product was Sales and Marketing Consulting. Simple. It worked. Then, as we grew, we started to work on the digital side of…


What Is A Funnel?

So, it is easy to assume that everyone knows what a funnel actually is. It is quite the ‘buzz’ word in online marketing at the moment. So, what is it I hear you ask?! Basically, it’s a series of steps you create to guide potential…


Automate Using The Best CRM Autoresponder Software For You

What software should you use when you automate and systemise your website and sales email funnel? Firstly, you have to consider where you are hosting your website to ensure a good loading speed which will help with your SEO. In Australia I recommend Ventra IP….