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Client Attraction Systemisation, Automation & Content Specialists

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How to Attract & Convert your Best Clients

Grab this free book to get the secrets behind our client attraction system that enabled us to achieve multiple multi-million dollar contracts (this works for all sales, no matter the value)! We also show you how to put your Client attraction, retention and conversion on autopilot.


Sales Service

Sales, Marketing & Business Advisory

Specialising in advisory services and some 'done for you' online & offline Sales, Marketing & Merchandising to Attract, Convert & Retain Customers for Corporates, Business Owners, Sales Teams, Sole Traders & Agencies.

Content Service

Content & Copywriting Specialists

Engaging short and long-form copy to tell captivating brand & product  stories. Get consistency in tone of voice and messaging across all touchpoints, including email, website, social, digital, video, radio and TV .

Virtual Service

Virtual & In person Event Organisation & Management

In Person & Online Events Interviews & Summits. Creating world class online & offline events for Corporates, Exhibitions, Business Owners & Tradeshows including Promotion & Copy.


Online training for Corporates, Business Owners, Sales Teams and Individuals on Innovative &
Effective Client Attraction and Conversion Online and Offline.

Wisdom 0000 Free Mastercalss

FREE Masterclass: Get endless Free Warm Leads To Build Your list and make Sales Fast, without spending a Dollar on Ads using Joint Ventures


Wisdom 0003 How Build List

How To Build a List of Subscribers & Attract and Convert Clients in the Most Cost Effective Way – $7 USD


Wisdom 0001 Create Website

How To Create A Beautiful Website That Converts (plus a consultation with a web designer) - $7 USD


Wisdom 0002 Winning Strategies

Winning Strategies & The Mindset Of People Behind Successful Businesses
- $7 USD



Dana D


Dale B

Founder Business Blueprint

John D

Founder & CEO of Marketing Firm

Corinna E

Founder Social Media Worldwide & Best Selling Author


Here at Wisdom & Business Pty Ltd, we have a positive, diverse, and collaborative culture.

With 20 years of Experience and 10 years of Digital and Copywriting experience, we are proven, capable, willing and qualified specialists who always do our best.

Our chosen journey as individuals and as a Company are about;
About seeing what we are capable of,
About working hard and smart,
About helping others along the way,
About holding a picture in our minds of a better future for ourselves and our children,
and for everyone else in this world....

….and even if we never quite reach everything we desire, we will be better people for it and will impact on others in a much better way than we would have otherwise.

We genuinely care for others, for our Customers and about helping them grow and love being part of their journey.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch HERE.


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