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Wisdom & Business Pty Ltd provides Online & Offline Business Coaching, Consulting and Training in the following areas: Lead Generation, Sales, Marketing, Systemisation and Change Management to achieve results.

Wisdom and Business is also a Digital Marketing Agency that offers Done-For You Content Creation and Business online and Offline Event Management.

Having consulted to impressive businesses since 2004, we can provide you with the most leveraged online and offline Sales and Marketing strategies available today…….

…….created from consulting to some of the best Companies and Businesses in the world. Plus we have the legitimate background of Business Marketing Degree qualifications.

It has taken a good 20 years in Sales and Marketing and 10 years in Online business to understand how to build a systemised business that is actually genuinely capable of making money and sales for you, while you are off doing other things!

We Specialise in Lead Generation, Client Attraction And Conversion Through Multiple Methods:

We know from speaking with thousands of businesses over the years that everything in the below list, is tough to get done…..

….let alone building being consistent with your branding and messaging in a way that will build the relationship, so that when it comes time to ask for people’s business, it just ‘makes sense’ for people to say yes to working with you.

Let us take care of the most leveraged Sales and Marketing Methods listed below for you, so you get paid to focus in on doing what you do best.

Our Done-For-You Sales & Marketing Services can take the form of, but are not restricted to the following:

1) Funnel Creation –

  • Upsell & Downselling
  • Graphics & Landing pages

2) Ad Creation & Design –

  • FB Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Re-marketing
  • Testing & Measuring for ROI

3) Joint Venture & Partnership Marketing –

  • How to set it up effectively, find partners, create deals that will have others saying ‘yes’

4) In Person or Zoom Sales, Marketing & Team Related Training –

  • Upskill & Train in relevant Sales processes to get better results for same outlay
  • Change Management & Digital Systems
  • Workshops
  • Sales one-on-one or one-to-many Script creation

5) Online & Offline Events, Interviews and Summits –

  • Event Management
  • Event Co-ordination
  • Sourcing speakers & Venues
  • Automation, contracts etc.

6) Lead Generation through Systemisation (inc. Automation) –

  • Create the systems that make the difference
  • Messenger DM’s to increase Lead Gen & Conversions
  • Online list building
  • Phone & Text Utilisation
  • Segmentation
  • Guidance on the best technology to automate & maximise results where required

7) Content Creation Copywriting Service & Branding That Converts –

  • Website audit to ensure maximum effect
  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Videos
  • Social Media content
  • Short Content Lead Generation videos
  • Email Copy and Sequence to engage & retain
  • Online or Offline event copy
  • Partnership and affiliate sales
  • Webinars
  • Blog content and short viral video creation
  • Keywords and SEO strategy
  • Review and creation of Products and Service Value Ladder creation to keep Clients coming back for more
  • Podcast notes etc.

Wisdom & Business has been created for business minded individuals, in any industry, who are looking for the most up to date online strategies in the marketplace, right now, in order to ensure they are putting their focus in the areas that will bring them the greatest return on investment, in the fastest amount of time.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a strategic Sales and Marketing program in place and need to boost it’s effectiveness, or you need to put a strategy in place from scratch, either way, we can help you achieve your goals.

You can rest assured that we implement the strategies we recommend to you and try them out ourselves first, so we know that they do actually work and we can maximise their results, before we recommend them to you.

Our three areas of focus, below, generate Clients and cashflow and are the biggest keys to keeping any business running…..


In this day and age of online competition and a saturated marketplace, marketing your business and getting your products and brand out in front of the right Customers is not an easy task and can cost thousands.

The solution then is, to get your business in front of a large audience of the right target market over and over again for a low cost so you don’t burn your marketing budget too quickly, because we all know, cashflow is the most important aspect of keeping any business running.

Therefore, we are consistently on a mission to identify the most powerful, leveraged up to the moment strategies available to businesses at any level in the marketplace, and across any industry, because let’s face it, everything in the digital online world changes so fast ie. new platforms etc.

We will share our knowledge with you, and sift through all the information overload on your behalf, to save you both time and money!

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and we want to arm you with the power to change your life and business. 

Mindset (Change Management)

If you wish to innovate and stay current, the best thing you can do is stay inspired, and by default, you will inspire those you work with, and together build an inspiring vision to move your business towards as a team.

How you may ask, well, for those of us who love, eat and breathe what we do each day, there is no such thing as work/life balance.

The more we put in, the more we want out of our businesses and it is easy to be sucked into the never ending vortex of all work and no play, and if we start neglecting to spend the time taking care of our basic needs (such as exercise, eating well and spending time with those we love), and investing time in the other areas of our life that we value highly, life can start feeling BAD, and we can forget why we put ourselves in this position in the first place!

We are all human beings ultimately, and have so many competing demands on our time, so how do we best manage all of it?

Well, it is all about energy management, rather than time management, and with this in mind, we will help you stay inspired and help you with strategies to manage your energy to ensure you are operating at maximum effectiveness the majority of the time, so you can break through and beyond what even you think is currently possible.

Money (Sales)

Why are we all in business in the first place, well, lets face it, without a steady stream of cold, hard cash coming in to cover our basic needs along with our greater wants and desires, life can become very tough and no fun very quickly.

So, how can we leverage all of our resources ie. our relationships, outsourcing, digital platforms, marketing and our time and energy in the most effective way in order to create consistent cashflow, to keep it all humming along nicely?

The key is to keep it simple and not get overwhelmed.

We should not put all our eggs into one basket but instead, slowly, over time, ensure we are creating multiple income streams and sales by providing complimentary additional products and services and then use this income to continue to invest in even more income producing assets that continue to serve your ever increasing number of Clients.

We will explore all of this with you and keep your mind open (yes it is an open loop, hence our infinity logo…we are back to mindset again!) to new ideas and possibilities of creating even more cashflow.

We also teach how to become a successful Business Consultant who provides exceptional value (a recession proof occupation).

In addition, we create and supply impressive, best-selling in person and digital training products for business owners, employees, coaches and consultants, that focus specifically on automating the most leveraged Sales and Marketing strategies, Client Attraction, List Building, Joint Venture Partnerships, Broadcast Email Marketing and Value Ladder creation.

We know that success without fulfilment is empty, so it is important to apply wisdom to ensure that each team member has success, not just in business, but in an individuals overall life, therefore we include mindset and wellbeing products and trainings also. If each team member is operating at their personal best then outcomes are achieved faster and with a greater impact across the business.

We are passionate about what we do here and our mission is to bring immense value to your lives, teams, businesses and shared outcomes.

As the specific needs of each Client can vary, we offer a FREE no obligation 30 min ‘Sales and Marketing consult’ which will result in a FREE  list of recommendations for each potential Client as a first step….

….just fill out our form HERE.


Colleen, the founder, is a business partnership, sales and lead generation coach and consultant for large Corporates and SME’s (whose largest individual deal was to the value of $54 million dollars). Colleen and her team also train business teams in online and offline sales, marketing (including online and offline events) and change management.

Colleen is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business minded individuals establish a business that allows their focus to be on their Clients and bringing in new business, which is where their focus should be. For those who are working 40 plus hour weeks and feeling like they are drowning in their to-do list…


Colleen has dedicated herself to sharing what she has learned and has therefore written “The Secrets of a 7 Figure Deal; 12 Steps To Income Generation” (grab your free copy above) and has also created several products outlining the powerful lead generation and sales strategies that she herself has used to not only build this business, but those of her Clients.

After earning a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and Business Marketing, Colleen decided to focus on Sales & Marketing.

During her career, she has spent her days pitching and winning over large corporate Clients such as Australia Post, Visy Industries, all sectors of the Government (Federal and State, Local and not for profit), National Australia Bank, Origin, Optus, Cadbury Schweppes, Fosters, Linfox, Pacific Brands, and a number of other large players, including the AFL.

She and her team have also consulted to many high profile speakers along with plenty of small to medium business owners. This is not said to impress you but to let you know she is the ‘real deal’.

How does all this benefit you? Well, working across many different industries in Sales and Marketing, has given her the most leveraged and cutting edge sales and marketing knowledge online and offline, that can be applied in any business, no matter the size. Her team is also amazing and she couldn’t do what she does without them.


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Corinna EFounder Social Media Worldwide & Best Selling Author
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Dale BFounder Business Blueprint
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The Key To Consistent Sales With Less Effort

Starting with videos from the Book "Secrets of a 7-Figure Deal - 12 Steps To Income Generation"


The Key To Consistent Sales With Less Effort

Starting with videos from the Book "Secrets of a 7-Figure Deal - 12 Steps To Income Generation"