How To Build a List of Subscribers & Attract and Convert Clients in the Most Cost Effective Way

$7.00 USD

After testing and measuring all of the sales and marketing tools available to businesses today, we show you the most effective of them all to attract, convert and retain more clients. These strategies make the difference that really matters in ensuring even better results.

FACT: You are more than capable of servicing your Clients really well.

But, because they don’t know you are there, they may be going to someone else who most likely don’t give them the quality product or level of service they really require….

So, you are more than likely doing them a dis-service by not marketing and selling your business products and services as well as you could.

When you think of it like that, why wouldn’t you spend an hour of your time and ONLY $7 to learn the distinctions that will make the difference to your bottom line, in the current uncertain economic climate?

In a good economic climate, selling can be misunderstood as order taking. In a challenging economic climate, it becomes clear who is actually really good at selling and marketing. – CJ Woodstock

FACT: Once you watch this training, you will have the information you need to fill your calendar with qualified client calls or to increase Customer attraction, conversion (sales) and retention in any industry.

What else is covered in this training ‘How to build a list of subscribers, attract and convert Customers in the most cost effective ways’?: –

  • What your Customers want
  • The most cost effective Client attraction methods
  • What to do before you even run an Ad
  • How to best utilise your resources ie. time, money and talent
  • What is a funnel anyway, and why do I need one?
  • Why taking the time to build out automation is worth the effort
  • How do I write content that converts?
  • Plus so much more…

This information is unlike any other you would have received elsewhere and is delivered in a friendly, relaxed 60 minute video.

It is great for those just starting out so they start correctly, and it is especially effective for those who have been operating their online businesses for some time and want to see increased results.

It is delivered by CJ, a trainer who has over 20 years in sales and marketing and in online digital marketing and who has been responsible for many muti-million dollar sales, and increasing sales for her many Customers.

The feedback from people undertaking the training has been overwhelmingly positive with many saying it has totally changed the way they do business for the better.