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Success does not come from making sales at the expense of the buyer’s trust through schemes or trickery. You may make a sale or two this way, but finding repeat business from these Clients will be a huge challenge.

If you want lasting Client relationships and a large number of referrals, it is actually the complete opposite, especially in this day and age of social media where you cannot hide your reputation easily.

So, what is the mindset that makes the difference in the marketplace?

What is the mindset that makes the difference to your Clients and the teams of people you employ that will turn them all into huge supporters and champions of your business?

Most people are questioning how to get people to buy, or to help them promote their product or service. Instead, you need to decide to become value creators and generators.

If you were to help your Clients achieve their objectives, whilst you achieve yours by collaborating with them to create a true ‘Win’ for everyone, you would start to see the recipe for not only fulfillment in life and business, but also ultimate financial success.

The more value you provide your Clients and partners, and the more contribution you make to their lives & businesses, the more they will want to continue work with you.

They will love you for it and will always utilise you and your business in future. Why wouldn’t they? You have given them every reason to continue to do so, without hesitation.

The quickest way to ruin any relationship is to come from a place of taking consistently without considering the other person or party’s needs and wants.

Life is not about getting, it is about giving.

Once you realise this and start to live it everyday (and it will take practise), your life will change and you will experience fulfillment and success in your relationships in a way that you never have before.

Where to start…well, you have to start with your own mindset and work with it…challenge your own beliefs and the beliefs of those surrounding you…put them to the test and see what really stacks up.

I can guarantee you will shock yourself, in a good way, about what is really possible.

I challenge you to find a way to appreciate others and serve them, make a difference to them.

Try it and, you will see what I am talking about!

You can never give to much as long as you choose your Clients and partners carefully and make sure they are aligned with your values, mission and objectives, and you truely get a feeling of joy from working with them, to help them to promote their products and services.

By the way, this goes for all relationships you have in life, not just Clients.

Life and business are intertwined, and the same rules apply to all of it, as we are all human beings, no matter which role we are focusing on.


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