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Wisdom & Business offers Comprehensive Training and Consulting Services

& Best Selling Online Training Products PLUS Done-For-You Copy Writing That Converts

Having consulted to some of the businesses in the Online world since 2004, we can provide you with the most leveraged strategies available to businesses today. To keep it simple we have grouped our capability into three key areas ie. Mindset, Money and Marketing Strategies which we outline in further detail below.

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Our Services can take three forms:

    1. Through our best-selling on-line products that focus specifically on List Building, Joint Venture Partnerships, Email Marketing and Value Ladder creation that can be used to train yourself and your staff or your Virtual Assistants.
    2. Consulting services, and as every business has unique challenges and required outcomes, this tailored solution will be designed specifically with your business’ needs in mind, with the aim of implementing superior Mindset, Sales and Marketing strategies. 
    3. Digital Marketing Agency that provides Done-For-You Copywriting, Webinars, Products and Video creation.


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Book an obligation free 30 min consultation and one of our friendly team will be in contact with you and you will be supplied with a FREE Marketing Plan:

In our sixteen years of transacting Mindset, Sales and Marketing strategies with Clients, we’ve learnt a great deal about relationships, technology, the most effective ways to source new leads, guarding against market uncertainty and creating income generation strategies that, put simply, work. 

This enables us to ‘see with fresh eyes’ for every client, the real and frequently untapped options and quickest result oriented solutions that must to be put in place.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a strategic Sales and Marketing program in place and need to boost it’s effectiveness, or you need to put a strategy in place from scratch, either way, we can help you achieve your goals.

As the specific needs of each Client can vary therefore we begin with a free phone ‘consultation session’ with each potential Client as a first step.

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It has taken a good 20 years in Sales and Marketing and 10 years in Online business to understand how to build a business that is actually genuinely capable of making money and sales for you while you are off doing other things!

I know from speaking with thousands of businesses over the years that content creation, including everything in the below list, is tough to get done.

Let alone to be consistent with your branding and messaging….

….it is also tough to know what will build the relationship so that when it comes time to ask for people’s business, it’s a no brainer for people to say yes to working with you.

My team and I have worked with some incredible businesses in the online and offline space and we have created some amazing results for them.

My Company specialises in Lead Generation and Client Attraction and conversion through two methods:

Systemisation and Done for you Content Creation

Let me break it down for you…..

Our Consulting services can take the form of, but are not restricted to the following:

Lead Generation Through Done-For-You Content Creation –

  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Videos
  • Short Content Lead Generation videos
  • Email Sequences
  • Webinars
  • Blog content creation
  • Review and creation of Product and Service Value Ladder creation to keep Clients coming back for more

Lead Generation through Systemisation (including Automation)

  • Create the systems that make the difference
  • Online list building
  • Sales one-on-one or one-to-many
  • The best, most leveraged technology to automate & maximise results

In addition we offer a select few Clients Joint Ventures Partnerships & Affiliate Marketing Consulting Services:

This may consist of brokering relationships with strategic partners on your business’ behalf.

If so, we broker each deal differently based on the type of promotional offer and target market that each Clients is looking to service (to ensure Clients are provided with genuine targeted leads rather than useless un-targeted leads).

We will assess the needs of each Client we take on and match them with reciprocal strategic partners that generally have non-competitive, but rather complimentary products and the same or very similar Customer profile.

The end result will be a strategic partnership program that will provide you with a new market of targeted buyers that you would never otherwise get access to, with the added bonus of credibility, endorsement and ultimately, in addition to immediate sales, your business will gain unlimited amount of brand awareness creating a market of Customers highly disposed towards buying from you in the future.

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Want to See Results Achieved by Other Clients? 


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[av_testimonial_single src=’3690′ name=’Corinna Essa’ subtitle=’Director Social Media Worldwide’ link=” linktext=”]
” As a result of just one deal closed by Colleen, one of our companies generated $19,988 in sales. I highly recommend anyone looking to scale their business, generate sales, targeted leads and long-term profitable partnerships, to use Wisdom & Business’ services. “

[av_testimonial_single src=’3795′ name=’John Dwyer’ subtitle=’Marketing Expert Institute of Wow’ link=” linktext=”]

[av_testimonial_single src=’3694′ name=’Ben Angel’ subtitle=’Agent of Influence – Publicity expert’ link=” linktext=”]
Colleen’s ability to add value to my business by creating joint venture deals with high profile contacts helped us fill our national round of events. Her ability to not only manage these events but to support me in getting deals done with the participants, in a friendly, supportive manner using all her negotiation skills, added thousands of dollars to our bottom line.

Her knowledge and ability added enormous value and changed the way we do business.
[av_testimonial_single src=’3966′ name=’Ben Fewtrell’ subtitle=’Owner Action Coach/MaxMyProfit’ link=” linktext=”]
” Wisdom & Business has engaged credible joint venture partners with our target market of SME’s, on our behalf. This has resulted in over $66,000 of new sales and many thousands of new leads that we will go on to build relationships with and create future sales from. We are continuing our relationship into next year and based on the tangible results we have experienced, I can genuinely recommend their services. ”

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NOTE: The Client that has the following in place will gain the most from this process: 

check1Qualified/tested responsive lists (email generally however can also use social media as an add on) with working email addresses. Email list size of 1000 min existing Customers

check1The ability to create tracking links back to a CRM database to track Clicks, Optins and sales (if you don’t currently have this in place, we can show you how)

check1A willingness to promote a non-competitive, complimentary offer to your database (potentially even a free gift to add perceived value to your list)

check1 A Client that is looking for ongoing promotional JV partners (one off’s are ok too but we prefer to develop and foster long term relationships)

check1Must have demonstrated credibility and integrity with existing Customers

check1Any industry as long as you have a good product or service

check1A clear customer profile/target market


Please fill out your details here and one of our friendly team will be in contact to discuss your options further: